No Management On-site:  * We now have camp-hosts onsite, should you need assistance. *  While our family does visit the campground quite often, we have set up our campground to be self-service.  Please review our website and emails for information regarding your stay and ask all your questions before you arrive.

Check-in Process: The check-in process is accomplished by you reading the ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE instructions and this FAQ document.  You will not be “checked-in” at the campground, as we do not have employees.  We also do not allow late arrivals after 9pm, as to not disturb other guests which are settling in for the night.

Glamping Tents and Cottages Check-in Time: 2:00pm.  It is imperative that you not arrive before 2pm to allow for previous guests’ departure and your site to be prepared.

Standard Tent sites, RV site and Boondocking Check-in Time: 12:00 noon

Please Check-in on Facebook:  Start a “post” and click the little “check-in” icon to share the news that you have arrived.  https://www.facebook.com/CampCacaponWV/

Parking: When you arrive/depart, drive your vehicle to the end of the driveway by the pavilion. This is a 5-minute loading/unloading area.  No parking allowed.  Please unload your vehicle and place your items on the other side of the log, then park your vehicle in the upper parking areas before moving your items to your campsite.  This will ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to load/unload.  When parking your vehicles, please park them in the smartest possible way to ensure others can park and move around the parking areas safely.  Brown-Parking-Signs: The parking area is on the other side of the RV parking spot (about 100’ before you get to the main (private) cabin).

Quiet Hours: 10pm - 6am.  We are a very small campground tucked into a beautiful river valley.  This valley echoes all noise, especially at night.  Generators and music are forbidden during this timeframe.  Please utilize lithium battery power stations for your power needs during quiet hours.

Check-out:  Check-out time is 11am daily for all sites.  Please move all items to the loading/unloading area, to include your garbage, before retrieving your vehicle to ensure maximum availability of this limited space.  Requests for late check-out times will be honored based on availability and must be pre-arranged with Camp Cacapon via Internet, email or phone.  Late checkout, if approved, is 1pm.   See “Garbage” below.

Security Deposit:  The security deposit is refundable within 14-days of checking out so long as your site has been cleaned, garbage removed, pet waste collected and no damage to the property.

Maximum Occupancy (including children):  Tent sites maximum 4 persons.  Cottages and RV site maximum 6 persons.  Feel free to have more than 1 tent, so long as the tents are all set up on your designated tent pad.

Tents and Canopies:  All tent sites have 16’x16’ improved/level tent pads.  All tents, with floors, must be on the tent pad.  Screened canopy tents may be set up on the grassy area so long as they do not have floors and are not encroaching on neighboring sites.  Feel free to move the picnic benches, but please put them back on the tent pad before departing.

Cottages and Glamping Tents: There are strictly no pets allowed in the cottages or glamping tents.  There is a 2-night minimum reservation and a $30 cleaning fee for each visit.  No tents allowed at cottages.  Smoking, open flames and pets are not permitted inside. Cooking is not permitted in the cabins or glamping tents or on the porch.  A $250.00 cleaning fee will be assessed for failure to adhere to this policy.

RV site: Only one car may be parked at the RV site and must not block the road.  Other cars must be parked in the designated parking area (very nearby). One tent, on the gravel RV pad is allowed.

Showers and Washing:  There is a newly built outdoor cold-water shower located at the pavilion with shower enclosure.  Only use the provided organic body soap/shampoo.  Washing dishes at the shower is expressly forbidden.  There are brand-new stainless dish-washing sinks in both bathrooms with hot water.  Best to bring your own dish soap, just in case.

Trespassing: Our campground is bordered on two sides by private property.  Please DO NOT trespass on their property.  While they are VERY nice people, they will soon lose their patience, if our guests are always trespassing.  The property lines, while not marked, are clear.  Don’t wander North of Sites H and A and don’t enter the bushes on the far South side (beyond the wedding area).  See our property map for more information here.

Garbage:  This is a LEAVE NO TRACE campground.  As a Scouting family, we ask that you leave our campground better than you found it.  Please scour your campsite for any and all debris left behind and haul all trash home with you.  Utilize the metal pails and remove all ash from the BBQ grills and your campsite fire ring and place it in the large bonfire pit before your departure.  We do not provide, or have available, any trash related services.

Pets:  All dogs must be kept on leashes no longer than 6' and in a tent or enclosed vehicle at night.   All dog poop must be immediately collected.  Nothing worse than slipping on a pile of doo-doo, while playing volleyball!  We do not allow PETS in the Cottage or glamping tent rentals.

Fires and Firewood:  Fires are only allowed in your designated campfire ring.  If more than one site would like to socialize at the big bonfire ring, this is also allowed.  Guests must stay with the fire until it is completely out.  Do NOT burn wood in the BBQ grills (charcoal only).  We are currently building a Firewood sales self-help barn.  Until it is ready, please feel free to use the downed wood in the tree-line (or the upper part of our property closer to the gate).  Never cut down trees or branches.  Please only use what you will burn and don’t try to break any BONFIRE records!  Keep your fires at a manageable size, to ensure we don’t have any forest fires.

BBQ grills and Grilling: The RV site, boondocking site and tent sites A, H, I and J do NOT have BBQ grills.  Do not use wood in the provided BBQ grills (only charcoal).  Also do not place privately owned grills on the campsite picnic tables without a protective mat underneath.  The BBQ grill at the pavilion is only for use by those that rent the pavilion.

Bathrooms: There are two (his and hers) bathrooms.  The lady’s bathroom includes a changing stall.  Please leave the bathroom cleaner than you found it.  If the toilet paper, paper towels or soap are less than 25% remaining, please let us know by email and/or text or let the Camp Hosts know.

Swimming and water sports:  The Cacapon River is renowned for its clarity and peaceful flow.  It is known as a very safe swimming and float river.  However, with all water sports there is inherent risk.  No diving allowed in the river as most parts are VERY shallow.  Also ensure you are wearing proper floatation devices while participating in any water sports.  We are not responsible for your safety regarding the use of any waterway. In addition, you must obey all state and federal laws. Please take it upon yourself to make use of these amenities safely and responsibly.

Nature, animals, and rodents: Camping in forested and rural locations increases the chance of encountering wild animals, rodents and insects in campgrounds.  We make every effort to rid the facilities of insects and rodents prior to your stay including the use of non-toxic deterrents.  You may see these deterrents during your stay.

Fishing:  Fishing is allowed so long as you abide by West Virginia state law.  You will certainly catch blue-gill and sun fish, but also bass, trout and fall fish.

Wi-Fi / Cell Service: There is ZERO cell phone service on our property. Enable Wi-Fi calling on your cell phone before you leave home.  Hopefully you see this as a good thing, rather than a bad thing.  We have just upgraded all of the Wi-Fi access points and installed Fiber Optic internet.  We make no promises regarding its availability, stability or speed.  With that said, it’s AWESOME!

Loud Music:  This is a small riverside campground and not everyone likes heart-thumping music.  We too LOVE loud (mostly 80’s) music.  And on most weekends, we are out there with you playing volleyball and cornhole.  But we respect the fact that not everyone loves our music, and maybe not yours.  So please keep your music at a reasonable level.  And if our music is too loud, please ask us to turn it down as well.

Mother Nature:  When it comes to camping and river sports, we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Camp Cacapon will not refund any portion of your rental in the event that your reservation is affected by an act of God including, but not limited to, pandemics, epidemics, major storms or weather events, road closures or forest closures.

Reservation change: If you must change or reschedule your reservation for any reason, you may do so at least seven (7) days prior to your original arrival date.  Any change will result in a non-refundable $25 change fee.  No modifications are allowed within 7-days of arrival.

Reservation cancellations: If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, you may do so at least fourteen (14) days prior to your original arrival date.  Cancellations will result in a loss in your security deposit if cancellation is made more than 14-days before arrival date.  Cancellations made within 14 days are non-refundable (besides the security deposit).

Early departure/refunds: We will not refund any unused portion of your stay for any reason should you decide to check-out early. Any extras not used (pavilion, firewood, etc.) will not be refunded.

General Information:

  • Please do not harm wild plants or animals. Feeding of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  • Wildlife, plants and all park buildings, signs and tables and other structures are protected; removal or damage of any kind is prohibited.
  • Glass bottles are prohibited on the rocky river bank and in the river. All trash must be immediately collected and retained until your departure.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted only in designated campground and picnic areas.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
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